Humans are wired in such a way that our habits and instincts shape who we are. We possess a strong sense of reason, knowledge, and compassion. When emotions start to return, it serves as a reminder that we are still human. It does not imply that you are helpless or incapable of progress. Humans developed relationships with other individuals and places. Our memories tend to primarily recall pleasant experiences while obscuring unpleasant or troubling recollections. To avoid suffering and misery, that is done. We feel happy and pleased because of the feelings and pleasant memories that return. You realize how far you’ve come when you think back on old emotions.

In a relationship, the positive memories and emotions are dispersed throughout, whilst the unpleasant are permanently tucked away in the back of your memory. When your bad, previous feelings reemerge, don’t be depressed. Just be patient, and new memories and emotions will eventually replace the old ones. Allow some time. Allow yourself to experience those emotions; they will pass as well. Ignoring it will only encourage it to return. If you don’t completely pull out the roots of negative emotions, they will keep resurfacing. So, take charge of your outlook. Consider what is correct.

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