In India, the joint family structure dates back to the Vedic era and was well-liked even when rulers governed the country. Getting used to all the cousins, aunts, and uncles comes with living in a joint family. But interacting with a variety of people while growing up, forgoing your wants in favor of a loved one’s pleasure, and arguing over little matters very much prepare you for life in general. In India, joint families are still the norm, but they are becoming less common. Let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of living together as a family.


1. Privacy is Infringed Upon
A typical criticism among those who live in a shared family is a lack of privacy. Never feel isolated. If you’re upset and want some privacy to cry, you’d probably prefer to do it in bed while telling your pillow sad tales.

2. A Minor Choice Is Obvious to All
The difficulty of cohabiting is that every family member, especially the leader of the household, must approve of each choice, no matter how modest. Whether it concerns going out after 7 o’clock at night or staying over at a friend’s house

3. Accountability in Money
A combined family is all about “us.” Typically, the “Karta” (the family head) is in charge of household finances, with the help of the other male family members.


1. Children are Never Alone
The everyday requirements of your child will be taken care of if you are a working mother who lives in a large household. You don’t need to worry about who will feed him or look after him when he becomes sick.

2. Double Happiness
If you’ve ever shared a home with family members, you know how glad it makes them hear about your small victories and joys. Everyone is happy about even little successes. And your family is always there to support you while you’re grieving.

3. You Master the Art of Giving
You can tell the difference between a child who was raised in a joint family and one who was raised in a nuclear family by the differences in their behavior. A child who has grown up among numerous people is undoubtedly more sociable, but he also has a propensity of giving.

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