You already know you want to live a love-filled life, receiving, giving, and being surrounded by it. However, you’re well aware that the “love” you’ve discovered thus far isn’t quite as fulfilling as you’d like. It doesn’t satisfy you, make you entire, or provide genuine, long-lasting satisfaction.

What you didn’t realise is that most people are unsure of what love is, and that what you really desire is unconditional love, or real love. You want to track it down, fill it up, and pass it on to others.

“What is Unconditional Love?” you might wonder. We’re calling it Real Love since it’s so unlike anything most people have ever experienced. Unconditional love is true love. That’s the kind of “love” we’re looking for. There is no disappointment, impatience, irritability, or fury in genuine love. Wow, that’s unusual–so unusual that most people have never experienced it firsthand.

We somehow understand that anything other than real love isn’t truly love. We can tell it’s a doppelganger for the actual thing. We suddenly realise how much misery we’ve been through in our relationships. Only one sort of love has the power to fill us up, heal our wounds, and make us whole- true or real love.

It’s also real love when other individuals genuinely care about our happiness. When we make silly mistakes, individuals in real love are not dissatisfied or furious. When we don’t do what they want or even when we inconvenience them, they don’t groan and roll their eyes. Unconditional love is what true love is.

The term “happy” does not refer to the fleeting pleasure derived from money, sex, or power. It’s also not the conditional acceptance we get from others when we act in the way they want us to. It’s also not the fleeting sense of contentment we get in the absence of immediate conflict or calamity. True happiness does not come from being amused or forcing others to do what we desire.

True love is a deep and long-lasting sense of fulfilment and calm that fulfils and expands the soul. When things get tough, it doesn’t just go away. During times of adversity and conflict, real love endures and even thrives.

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