Today is the generation of skype calls and texting. To think of it, technology and high paced internet facilities have made it easier for us to stay connected with our loved ones. We no longer have to shell out lots of money over long distance calls just to hear their voice. Love distance does sound doable in today’s times. However, as simple and easy it sounds it actually isn’t. Long distance relationships are based on pure trust and understanding. All that distance between the partners makes it difficult to maintain the relationship. If they are in a country that is in an altogether different time zone, then it becomes all the more difficult. But here are a few tips that will work like a charm to being happy in a long distance relationship.

1) Quality communications-

The key to being happy in long-distance relationships is quality communications. Have deep and meaningful conversations with each other, that way you feel more connected even if you are distance-wise far away from each other.

2) Trust-

One of the cornerstones in a long-distance relationship is to trust each other. If there is no trust, then you are constantly doubting them and that builds up insecurity which eventually leads to constant fights.

3) Don’t entirely rely on technology-

If you are in a long distance relationship, don’t entirely depend on video calls and texting. Make a surprise visit to them once in a while and spend quality time with each other. Keep pampering each other with gifts and surprises at regular intervals.

4) Plan and prioritize schedules well-

Both of you might have different time schedules related to work, sleep. Especially when both partners belong to different time zones, it becomes essential to prioritize one’s sleep and work schedule as well. Otherwise, following a pattern that is not convenient for you will make you uncomfortable and leads to frustration and stress, and fights.

Here is how you can stay happy in long distance relationships.

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