There are two widely held beliefs that your first sexual encounter will be beautiful and enjoyable if you are with the right person. Another is that your first experience will be uncomfortable and painful no matter who you are with. Given that first-time sex is far too intimate, it is difficult to determine which is true.

One of the experts said that while some people find the experience distressing, others do not. Because everyone has a unique body, everyone’s experiences are also unique. First-time sex discomfort, according to Planned Parenthood, is dependent on the individual’s anatomy; for example, those with natural vulvas tend to have more hymenal tissues, which makes first-time sex uncomfortable. Vulvodynia, a condition, may also contribute to painful sex.

If one of the parties is not prepared or has little knowledge on how to make sex enjoyable, losing one’s virginity can be traumatic. According to experts, if the person is not emotionally or intellectually prepared for it, penetrative sex can be far more unpleasant. Foreplay or the use of lubrication are therefore frequently advised. One of the doctor’s recommendations is to become familiar with the phases of arousal and have your first experience with someone you feel comfortable and confident around in order to avoid unpleasant sex.

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