Giving unconditional love might be challenging if you have never experienced receiving it. The seven methods listed below will help you practice this kind of love and genuinely alter your life.

1. Love is more about how you act than it is about how you feel.

You won’t go wrong if you try to think of love in this manner. If you think of love as a sensation that you have when you receive something from someone else and then cease receiving it, your conduct will also change as your feelings do.

2. Make your love flexible for others.

There is no “one size fits all” attitude when it comes to how love is received and given; it may take many distinct forms.

Every day and in every new circumstance that arises, you consciously choose to love unconditionally. There are no set guidelines for anyone; you must apply them individually.

3. Always provide for yourself.

If you have a tendency to satisfy others more than yourself, which many of us do, you will be more interested in offering love to others than to yourself.

4. Love can occasionally cause discomfort.

In this case, attempting to shield someone from discomfort is not a show of unconditional love since true love requires the ability to accept both the good and the bad.

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