Even while some individuals are naturally happier than others, it’s more probable that these people have just learned more about the factors that contribute to happiness and are using them to their advantage.

It’s fantastic to know that you may raise your own happiness level as well!

1. Commence with a healthy dose of gratitude

Your degree of happiness may truly be altered by being actively aware of what you are grateful for.

Spend some time thinking about all the things you have to be thankful for each morning. You can keep a thankfulness notebook before you go to sleep.

2. Ensure That You Are Giving Back

Do you donate 10% of your earnings to your preferred charity or nonprofit? Giving to others will make you happier than spending money on yourself. Giving has a way of allowing you to get more in return than just the act of doing it to benefit others.

3. Laughing Daily Is Better Than Money

Do you like laughing every day? Do you look for humorous things to chuckle at on purpose?

Happy chemicals called oxytocin and endorphins are released when you laugh. When we share our experiences with others, these hormones make us feel better. You’ll feel better even just by forcing a grin on your face.

4. Encourage positive connections with friends and family

Happy individuals don’t spend a lot of time alone. You develop supportive connections that make people feel better during stressful times by spending time with the individuals you like and adore.

5. Enjoy Some Personal Time

It’s crucial to take a break and make time for oneself in order to foster self-care, as opposed to spending time with family and friends.

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