Take charge: This is the first step through which you take responsibility for your actions. You need to admit to your partner that you were cheated on in the past but that doesn’t stop you from believing in your new partner again.

Be clear and transparent: You need to be genuine if you want your partner to be authentic to your relationship. You need to be transparent about your whereabouts, present friends, and future plans so that your partner also shares the same with you, which will help you to trust him or her.

Set clear boundaries: Expectations hurt especially if the person whom we adore or love the most doesn’t give us the same kind of love, respect and affection that we want. However, if either partner sets unrealistic expectations, then it is difficult to be transparent. That’s why make sure to set clear and easy boundaries with each other and respect each other’s privacy whenever called for.

Display consistency: Be reliable when it comes to fulfilling commitments. If your partner has called you on a date especially on a day when you have prior commitments, explain to them the reasons for your unavailability. At the same time, ensure to take them on another day to a place where you both can create romantic memories.

By taking these small and consistent steps towards building trust and loyalty, you can find new hope in your life with your new relationship.