Knowing exactly what you should strive for might occasionally feel complicated with so many health tips and advice flying around. Do you know the precise objectives that will assist in maintaining you in the best possible physical shape? You know you shouldn’t be eating Big Macs three times daily and salting everything on your plate.

The American Heart Association (AHA) has officially established the “Life’s Easy 7″—seven straightforward yet precise criteria—as the definition of “optimal cardiovascular health.” The quality of life and lifespan can be significantly increased by implementing all seven health aspects, and the cost of continued medical treatment can be reduced. By progressively accomplishing Life’s Simple 7, even someone in poor health can climb the ladder to intermediate and even excellent health.

The Health In Numbers

A significant percentage of the Simple 7 involve figures from a trip to the doctor:

BMI of under 25 kg/m2
less than 200 mg/dL of total cholesterol
a reading of less than 120/80 mm Hg
a fasting blood sugar level under 100 mg/dL
Four of the most crucial measures of heart health include BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose because they show if the body is straining to maintain equilibrium. The likelihood of a heart attack, stroke, and diabetes is significantly increased if blood cannot flow freely through the arteries or if blood glucose levels are too high.

Personal Decisions

Genetics has a role in health, but actions play a larger role.

At least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of active exercise should be completed weekly.
Meet four to five of the diet’s essentials.
Never smoked or gave up smoking more than a year ago.
The effects of exercise, food, and smoking on the body are significant and pervasive. To complete the final three Simple 7, all required is 25 minutes of moderate activity each day, giving up that final pack of cigarettes, and substituting junk food with nutritious grains and vegetables.