Think again if you believe that being a parent only entails meeting your child’s needs, showing her your love, and correcting her when necessary. You may be in error. Along with all of these other things, parenting also entails developing a relationship with your child. The most crucial instrument for forging this connection is communication. You will never be able to “connect” with your child if you are always irritated when you talk to her and pepper your language with hurtful words. So be careful with your words to your youngster!

“When a parent speaks to their child harshly and disparagingly, it might undermine the youngster’s self-esteem. In addition to using harsh language, body language and tone are also very important “says ParentCircle family counselor and Head of the Parent Engagement Program Arundhati Swamy.

Words and phrases you should never utilize around your children are listed below.

1. You are unattainable!

2. You are such a huge letdown!

3. You are worthless.

4. You will never succeed.

5. Do you have brains?

6. You are such a spoiled brat!

7. Selfish a**hole

8.Does anything ever enter your thoughts, by the way?

9. Disgrace to you!

10. Have you lost your mind?

11. How do you see yourself?

12.You are a significant load.

13.You’re really unfortunate.

14.You’re really annoying.

15. What a pain you are!

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