With age, people realise that age is of no great importance and you can still find beautiful and single ladies even at the age of 50.

Here is some advice to date a woman who is 10 years younger to you.

1. Be serious

If you want to date a younger woman then you need to show her that you are serious about her. Also, you need to be serious about your future plans.

2. Provide her your support and protection

Young women look for protection, sense of security and support from their men and especially from the ones that are older than them.

3. Be honest about your expectations

Honesty is an important factor in a relationship. You need to be honest with your partner about your expectations because they might be different from yours.

4. Never focus on the age gap

Do not constantly mention your age gap difference or point out its effects on your relationship. Your relationship should flow naturally and you should be a loving couple.

5. Do not control her

Considering your age and experience, you might be wiser and smarter but that does not mean you should control her every step or evaluate all her actions. You should respect her intuitions on what is right and what is wrong.

6. Don’t be a father figure

As an older man, you need to remember that you are not her father but her romantic partner and lover. The main point of your relationship should not be your smartness, oldness or wisdom.

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