Children enjoy playing and are eager to try new experiences. From an early age, they begin to grow mentally. Introducing children to a variety of activities will enable them to both play and learn. A variety of childhood activities help youngsters develop a wide range of skills.

Here are some fun and educational activities for your 2 year old:

1. Sink or Float

The entertaining bath-time activity improves children’s cognitive abilities. Improves their cognitive and thinking abilities while also providing them with a glimpse into the realm of science.

How to play:

· Fill a bathtub or a bucket with water for them.

· Put a variety of weighted toys in the water.

· Allow your child to see the toys sink or float.

· Later on, you can put your youngster to the test by asking if other objects would float or sink.

2. Make a Match

It’s a fun, educational activity that’s not as difficult as it appears. Improves hand-eye coordination while also challenging their cognitive abilities.

How to play:

· Choose a pair of toys or images from several categories. Animals, vegetables, fruits, etc.

· Put the pairings in two baskets or spread them around the room to separate them.

· Assign your 2 year old the task of identifying and grouping items that belong to the same category.

· As a token of your appreciation, give them a high-five or some chocolate.

3. It’s Puzzle Time!

Introduce your child to the puzzle world. It instills in them the concepts of ‘whole’ and ‘fraction,’ as well as improving their recognition, patience, and goal-setting abilities.

How to play:

· Ask your child to sort the pieces once they’ve been shuffled.

· To assist your child, you may draw a reference picture.

4. Colorful Balls

It’s a colorful activity that your child will enjoy. It helps youngsters enhance their motor skills, distinguish colors, and hand-eye coordination.

How to play:

· Give your toddler a variety of soft-colored balls to toss.

· You can teach them how to catch a ball and then have them toss a specific color ball.

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