Since we gained security and affection as children by looking outside of ourselves, we do the same as adults. We were rewarded for our noble acts. The reality is that the love you seek can only come from inside.

However, we didn’t move on from this; we continued to look for love in other people. As a result, no amount of love from another person will make you wholly satisfied, and you can never feel safe if you don’t have faith in your abilities.

Take a break for yourself. Take a few deep breaths, give yourself a little embrace, and start teaching yourself how to love yourself.

1. Discard the notion that you must be perfect.

Start by giving up the concept of being flawless in every manner, including your physique, life, and IQ, if you’re wondering how to practice self-love. The ideal of perfection is unattainable, and it usually masks major mental health issues when you see it on social media.

2. Recognizing those social expectations might occasionally present unrealistic standards.

You cannot legitimately be compared to anybody else since you are unique on this planet. The only individual you should compare yourself to is yourself.

3. Each day, live in the present for just a moment.

Take a moment to look within rather than continue your never-ending hunt for anything greater. Understand your history and the miracle of the present. Embrace the fact that you are a life, breathing, and functional human being and acknowledge your blessing.

4. Everyday Gratitude

The secret to happiness and self-love is to practice appreciation every day.

Start a thankfulness diary, a blog, an Instagram account, or just spend three minutes each day listing all the things for which you are grateful, such as your health, your life, your friends, your nation, M&Ms, how long that old pan has lasted you, or how the passenger on the bus let you off first.

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