Here are some suggestions for you, whether you’re starting a new relationship or attempting to patch up a 50-year marriage.

1.Learn your different love languages.

You should absolutely read The Five Love Languages if you’ve never heard of it.

There are basically five ways that a person expresses and desires to receive love, according to a book by marriage therapist Gary Chapman. You might not approach it in the same manner as your spouse. You will understand yourself and them better after reading it.

2. Develop mutual understanding.

Most individuals only perceive their own point of view, which is a major issue in partnerships. Couples will inevitably dispute at some point. Your relationship need not suffer as a result, though. Therefore, you must listen to and accept the viewpoint of the other person in order to truly comprehend them.

3. Go on a romantic date.

As time passes in relationships, one of the unfortunate things is that partners stop “dating” one another. Because they are so at ease with one another, they believe that the “job” has been completed.

4. Acquire the ability to resolve disputes successfully.

Conflict is handled incorrectly by most individuals. They believe it to be a case of “Me v. You.” They believe they must be correct in order to “win” the debates. This is illogical reasoning.

It’s not You vs. Me… it’s the US. Consider yourselves a group of people who are collaborating to achieve a goal and find a solution TOGETHER.

5. Recognize each other’s distinctive traits.

Everyone engages in peculiar behaviors. You need to learn to put up with each other’s peculiarities, whether they involve not wanting to share their food or being unable to be impulsive.

Even if you don’t like them, you must accept them in order to maintain your connection.

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