Regardless of why they betray, some women will try to avoid accepting responsibility for their behaviour. So, according to experts, here are some justifications that cheaters would offer that you shouldn’t believe:

1. “They snuck up on me”

Your partner’s explanation that they couldn’t say no since the person kept tempting them is very stupid. If they’ve been tempted before, they’re likely to do it again. Furthermore, they cannot accept responsibility for their conduct. If they can’t admit to cheating and instead blame it on someone else, it reveals a lot about who they are as a person.

2. “I Had Been Alone”

This justification can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Perhaps she desired more affection, or perhaps she was losing interest in the relationship. In truth, she’s blaming you for her cheating, which isn’t acceptable. Remember that it is not your responsibility if someone cheats on you or treats you badly in any manner. So this isn’t an excuse you should believe.

3. “It was only 1 time”

It makes no difference whether your girlfriend cheated on you once or twice. Cheating entails a great deal of dishonesty. As a result, believing anything they say after that can be quite difficult. It’s too late. The damage has already been done.

4. “I’m not sure why they’re texting me all the time”

“I have no idea who it is,” is another variation of this. If your partner receives romantic texts from someone you don’t know, they likely know who they’re from and why they’re sending them. The same may be said for emails and phone calls.

5. “I had to stay late at work”

This is arguably one of the simplest justifications. There’s probably no reason to be frightened if it happens once or twice, or has been happening since you started dating. If your partner rarely works late and then begins to do so regularly, they are most likely cheating on you.

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