First and foremost, in a situation that separates two critical parts of joy and purpose in life, you must first determine what type of person you are.

A hardworking, career-oriented individual who desires success, wealth, and other such things.

Romantic, lover, values relationships over money advantages, and so on. It’s critical to recognize that this isn’t a black-and-white issue. You made a decision based on what you felt to be in your best interests.

It would have been wondering if you had decided to stay with your partner. Some individuals would be heartbroken if they lost a fantastic career chance. Others would mourn if they lost the opportunity to be with the one person they adore above all else.

You either live to love or live to work, depending on your personality, hobbies, and priorities.

It doesn’t imply you can’t have both or have them at the same time; you can, and many people do, but not necessarily when you want them. When faced with the choice of a career or a relationship, however, the decision is totally up to you. What you believe is best for you is what you must choose. You should stick with the decision that has the most meaning for you.

Because most of life isn’t like that, life isn’t defined by breath-taking or breath-taking moments. What you choose to let go for what you choose to obtain defines your life, in both tiny and huge times.

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