Sex is one of the most intimate sensations you will ever have. For many people, it is not just a physical adventure, but also a mental adventure that strengthens their bond with their partners. As a result, regardless of when you intend to have this sexual experience with your partner, there are a number of factors to consider.

Here are some dos and don’ts during having sex:


1. Ask for consent

Double-check that both you and your lover have agreed to have sex with each other. Wear safety gear and follow the laws of safe sex.

2. Be gentle

Slow down and try to make each other feel more pleasure than agony. Having said that, foreplay is essential.

3. Humour each other

Maintains a humorous and relaxed atmosphere. Have a good time when having sex. Come up with a silly joke that your companion will love.


1. Avoid spicy food

Spicy meals, such as curry and peppers, can cause acid – related problems, heartburn and a burning feeling in the throat, making it difficult to get in the groove. Furthermore, if your stomach is sensitive to spicy foods, you may be unable to hold back farts or belches.

2. Reduce alcohol consumption

Although a beer or two may get you in the mood, men should avoid drinking too much before sex. Alcohol is a known risk factor for erectile dysfunction (ED), a disorder that makes it difficult to obtain or maintain a good enough erection to do the act.

3. Don’t shave right before you have sex

It’s not an issue, but you should prepare ahead of time. Shaving makes the skin around your genitals more delicate, fragile, and susceptible to irritation from sex friction.

4. Limit your expectations

Don’t walk in with any presumptions; otherwise, you’re sure to be disappointed. Go with the flow and trust the process.

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