Fear of Losing a Partner

A sign of anxiety about a relationship is the constant fear of losing a partner. Relationship anxiety makes someone feel that their time is not worth it. So you are obsessed with whether your partner likes you, enjoys sex, is attracted to you, is frustrating you, or wants to leave you to someone else. This fear seems to be justified when you experience difficult stages with your partner. In the meantime, he may have lost your trust.

Jealousy Consumption

There is some jealousy in a relationship that is considered healthy. After all, you’re in a devoted relationship and you don’t want someone else to destroy what you build. But the time has come for that healthy jealousy to turn into consumer anxiety. Common signs of jealousy include spying on a partner or constantly asking the partner’s whereabouts.


Controlling behaviors such as B. Friendship makes you uncomfortable and requires you to end the friendship. You can get too close or cling to your partner. Hatred and compassion, such as making a new boyfriend or flirting with someone else just to make your partner jealous. Overcoming jealousy is very difficult, but not impossible. That sneaky feeling may seem perfectly justified while you’re at that moment, but it’s not worth ruining a great relationship. Practice learning to let go of certain blocks and build trust in relationships.

Requesting Access to Gadgets

A sign of anxiety about your marriage is when you request access to your spouse’s electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and social media accounts. You may be paranoid and wondering if your peers have an offensive app or have an inappropriate conversation with a private message. Still, you shouldn’t watch her in the hope that you will save your relationship.

You are constantly checking social media

Even if you have your partner’s password or access to their phone and their email, your anxiety can still not be silenced. You relentlessly check their social media instead of going directly to your fellow devices. You can also google for your spouse’s name or always search for your ex-partner via social media. This can lead to unhealthy discussions and deeper anxiety. Social media is a notorious relationship killer, so there is reason to doubt the likelihood of unfaithfulness on networking sites.

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