Practice on time.

If people frequently comment on certain parts of your body, it may be helpful to practice responding to those comments. For example, if people often make negative comments about your weight, consider the answer for later use. That way, you won’t be surprised. For example, you could say “my weight is not your job” or “I just like my hair, thank you”.

Call the person out on it.

One way to deal with body shaming by strangers is simply to point it out to others. You don’t have to put up with rude comments, even if they come from strangers. Calling someone can make you feel better about the situation because you are in control. For example, someone can say, “Do you want to order this? Do you really need those calories?”, “When you comment on my diet, I don’t like it.” No, but if the person seems to be offensive, especially if you are in a remote location, it may be best to ignore them. Safety should always be a top priority.

Ignore them.

One option is to ignore rude comments. You don’t have to answer, and answering only pays attention to the person they want. If you do not respond, you also give the person the opportunity to think about what they said. If you are ignoring people, don’t even look in their direction. Pretend you can’t even hear them.

Make sure it doesn’t reach you.

It’s never okay for someone to comment on your body, but you can choose to convey their negativeness to you. Remember that it’s usually about someone other than you. Try to separate yourself from their comments and negatives. Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they’ve got under your skin. Imagine a window between you and others. You can see them making negative comments, but the negativeness doesn’t really reach you.

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