Women with diabetes may encounter certain sexual complications. If the diabetes is not appropriately controlled. High blood sugar can harm nerves and blood vessels, comprising those desired for a good sexual process. It can also obstruct blood flow to the genitals, which is required for the increased sensation and lubrication.

Here are how diabetes affects sex life for women

1. Low sexual desire and arousal

A woman’s brain is a significant part of her sexuality. When she is sexually aroused, her brain brings messages to her genitals to begin getting prepared for sex.

But sometimes, nerve injury from diabetes can hinder the way these signals are delivered. Therefore, a woman might miss attraction and interest in sex.

2. Less physical sensation

Some women perceive less sensation in their genitals due to nerve injury and lower blood flow to the area. Sensual sense may not feel as pleasurable. Women may have complications becoming sexually aroused or reaching orgasm.

3. Vaginal dryness

Generally, the vagina becomes wet when a woman is sexually provoked. However, high blood sugar can obstruct lubrication, leaving the vagina dry and tight. As a result, sexual intercourse can become relatively uncomfortable.

4. Orgasm difficulties

Adequate nerve signaling and genital blood flow are both essential for emotions, sensations, and orgasm.

5. Vaginal infections

UTIs(Urinary tract infections) can make sex uncomfortable. Yeast infections can also result in discomfort during sex, as well as vaginal dryness. If you have poorly regulated diabetes, you’re more inclined to have yeast and other vaginal infections.

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