It is said that money can buy anything and everything. But can it buy love and happiness?

Everybody would want more and more money in life, it is necessary to sustain life luxuries. There are many material things we can buy but even non-material things like peace, happiness, and love also need a push of money to get ahead. Money can’t really buy love but it surely can improve it. When we talk about love and money, it’s true that money can’t really buy love and affection. Money can surely buy happiness or components of happiness. You can buy things that make you happy that for sure, you can keep yourself happy if you have money since you can buy those material things. But can love be bought as well?

   What is love? Love is a wonderful feeling you feel about someone and it is really a great way to feel cared for and well-supported. This is a thing money can’t really do for us, it’s not something that will comfort you when you are feeling low. It might satisfy your physical fun and requirements but surely can’t aid in emotional requirements. Love is sharing and caring for a person and doing the same for them. Money really doesn’t matter when you are in love, if love exists then money is not really required.

Love can over-rule the feeling of having or wanting money. love is unconditional and it doesn’t really matter if you are rich or not, if you have feelings you will find love. True love is found by everyone rich and poor, money has no power over love. Surely, money can enhance the luxury of love but even if money is not a part of your life, it doesn’t have any impact on the way love is being formed. It’s pure and self-dependent.

Hence, love and money can not really co-relate with each other, love has its own priorities with no respect for money.

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