Sometimes we can’t really decide and plan our day out. There are various feelings that we go through, throughout the day and we ourselves have to tackle them. We can’t always wake up being happy, but we can decide the acts and moves to ensure have a happy day ahead. There are many things to consider when you act towards the moves to take when you want a happier and a better day than usual. You must always try to have a positive attitude towards the feeling of happiness that you feel throughout the day.

Every year 20th march is celebrated as the International Day of Happiness. In 2014, Pharrell Williams promoted Happiness Day with the wonderful and energetic song named Happy, if you need that extra form of happiness in life you should definitely consider hearing this song.

Indeed, we can make our own happiness as we throughout our day until we are finally off to bed with a satisfied mind. Science has shown us various ways to raise our happiness levels, and here let’s quickly share some of those tips proven to give your day a happiness boost and upliftment

  • Exercise daily

Try to exercise on a daily basis, the increase of heart-pumping can surely be a good thing for your health and for your body. Have a workout buddy to make the workout more effective and happier.

  • Express gratitude

Gratitude is one thing that can make you happier daily. Try 3 good things daily and try to keep it simple and down to earth. Even the smallest of the act can have a huge impact on your day to day happiness.

  • Consider self-care

Try to indulge in self-care, self-care makes you happy. You feel happier when you know you are being well cared for and well kept throughout the day all by yourself without any other person’s help.

  • Forgive and forget

Try to forgive people for their mistakes, try to forgive them for their faults, and try to give them the chance to improve. This can be useful to you throughout the day and can help you be happy and satisfied.

  • Spend time with friends

One of the most beautiful time is the one which you spend with your closest friends, you share your daily things with them and you take their inputs in order to consider to have a happier and lighter day.

  • Meditate

One must try meditating on a daily basis, to ensure have a better and a happier day. You can just spend a few minutes on performing mediation and to have a great happy time.