Potted plant ritual background

I love to see potted plants used as decorations for ceremonies. Use small plants to define and frame the ceremony space, or use large potted plants to create a cool background for the ceremony.

Potted Plant Walkway Decoration

The lush potted plants are a dramatic entrance. At the ceremony, large potted plants are placed on both sides of the aisle to create a magnificent entrance. You can also blend potted herbs throughout the wedding corridor for fragrant ceremonies, or place flowering potted plants and the edges of each bench to add color and texture to your space.

Potted Plant Wedding Table Plan

Potted Plants is a great table plan option. Not only do they create a beautiful and natural focus, but they also serve as a rugged display option, especially for outdoor weddings.

Potted Plant Table Number

Marking a table with potted plants is a simple yet effective table number idea.

Potted Plants as Centerpieces

Potted plants are ideal for creating centerpieces. Keep things interesting by combining the sizes and styles of plants and pots. Group small, short plants around tall plants to create different heights and shapes. Use fragrant herbs (sage, lavender, rosemary, etc.) to get bonus points!

Potted Plant Location Cards and Favors

Mini Cacti, Succulents, and Air Plants make an excellent card holder and location setting and are easy to use as a guest souvenir. It’s so easy to clean, don’t worry if your friends don’t have a green thumb! Use the same pot size and maintain the same scale throughout, but mix plant varieties to make each look unique (hide scratches!). Use small plants to decorate table tops such as cake tables and cocktail bars, and use large plants to fill the open space around the wedding hall.

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