Alka Mittal is the first woman to lead ONGC as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CMD) of the company. She replaced Subhash Kumar, who retired on December 31, as CMD. Previously, Mittal was the Human Resources Manager (HR) at Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. She took leadership in December 2018 and was also the first woman to become a full-time board member of the ONGC Board of Directors. ONGC has not appointed a full-time CMD since March 2021 after Shashi Shanker left. In June, nine applicants were interviewed by the Public Enterprise Selection Committee. However, no candidate was selected, and instead, it was announced that a search party would be deployed to find a new CMD for ONGC. This development took place two days after Director (Finance) Subhash Kumar retired on December 31, 2021. According to ANI press, she was the first woman to lead an energy giant. Alka Mittal was given this additional role after the incumbent Subhash Kumar retired at the end of December.

Who is Alka Mittal?

Alka Mittal completed higher education in Delhi. She holds a Ph.D. in Business / Commerce and Corporate Governance. Previously, she earned a master’s degree in economics from M.K.P P.G in Dehradun. She was in college in 1983. She joined Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited as Director (HR) in 2018. She was also the first woman in the history of ONGC to serve as a full-time director.

Alka Mittal’s Career

  1. Prior to participating in Human Resources Development, Alka Mittal was Chief Skill Development (CSD) at ONGC.
  2. During this time, she was praised for facilitating her activities and integrating the capabilities of OGC’s Development Center.
  3. She is also known for implementing the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) at ONGC and recruiting more than 5,000 apprentices at all work centers.
  4. She was responsible for CSR at headquarters and was involved in large-scale CSR projects throughout India.
  5. She also played the role of HRR in different roles in different regions such as Delhi, Mumbai, Vadodara, and Jorhat. Mittal also served as ONGC’s Corporate Communications Director in 2009.
  6. She is also a leader in ensuring a safe working environment (how to host an eco-friendly wedding), especially for offshore platforms and remote workers and engineers.

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