According to a contentious relationship guru, women who seek long-term relationships should date guys who are 10 years their senior.

Jake Maddock, who calls himself a “tough love dating coach,” thinks he has discovered the key to a happy marriage.

According to the Australian expert, dating a younger man seldom ends well; instead, women should go for someone five to ten years their senior.

He says why it is biologically preferable for women to date elderly males rather than the reverse.

Men and women experience emotional development at various periods, according to Jake. Experts estimate that it takes males roughly 10 more years than women to emotionally develop.

Jake said: “An older man is probably less afraid of commitment and more certain about where he wants the relationship to go. Additionally, he will approach relationships and problem-solving from a more mature perspective.”

According to the relationship guru, dating an older man will increase a man’s “masculine energy,” which will increase his attractiveness.

“He will have made his errors and is unlikely to repeat them,” he continued. “He won’t play ridiculous games; instead, he will select you because he values you more.”

Jake further said: “It’s obvious that George Clooney was picky about the women he dated. At the age of 52, he was still single when he first met Amal Alamuddin in 2013. He is seventeen years her senior, yet neither of them seemed to mind.”

Source:ok uk

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