Raksha Bandhan, Teej, Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Jain Paryushan, Onam, and other holidays that follow serve as a reason to gather together with loved ones and provide us an occasion to welcome them into our homes and hearts. August is the month of festive festivities in India. Having said that, in addition to making it seem festive, our houses frequently require last-minute touches or something that has to be done to make our guests feel welcome.

The holiday season is the perfect time to give your living areas that much-needed facelift and this year shouldn’t be any different. It’s time to organize your home and add those finishing touches to make it genuinely a reflection of your particular style.

1. Be creative with lighting – While tea lights, candles, and diyas are essential components of home décor, this holiday season go outside the box and up the festive ambiance with stunning flower arrangements, eye-catching glassware, splashes of color on table runners, cushions, and another decor, and more.

2. Add some bling – Metallics and golds are always in style, so utilize them to make your living areas seem more vibrant. Any space may be given a touch of luxury with a splash of gold, silver, or bronze. You may decorate more subtly by adding pillows, bean bags, or adorable accent items to your furniture.

3. Add aroma — Who doesn’t enjoy coming home to a fragrant house? When entertaining visitors and spending time indoors with your loved ones, scents and aromas are an essential aspect of home décor. Your senses may be tickled with just a whiff thanks to scented candles, essential oil diffusers, linen and room sprays, air fresheners, and fragrant potpourris.

4. Fresh flowers go a long way – Using flowers throughout the holiday season is a wonderful and efficient way to bring flair and elegance to your house. Enjoy bouquets of marigold, jasmine, roses, or hydrangeas, which are suitable for any area in the house. Use them as centerpieces, at the front of your house, or arrange bouquets of flowers in the living room nooks. Flowers that are carefully picked never let you down and quickly improve your areas.

5. Engage in DIY projects – Nothing brings greater warmth and flair to a home’s décor than a work of one’s own creation. This is a fantastic and environmentally friendly approach to recycling old and used personal goods and transforming discarded décor into something adorable and brand-new.

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