Everyone loves a perfect date. If you have gone on a date, but you are not sure whether your date was perfect or not then here are some signs which can tell you that your date was perfect.

1. You have chemistry

Having good chemistry between the partners is very important. There are some indirect hints that make you feel a level of chemistry towards each other and if you have experienced a chemistry between both of you then it can be a positive sign that you two can go well with each other.

2. The date went longer than expected

One of the best indications that your date went well is when it continues for longer than you originally planned. You may have decided to watch a movie together, and then ended up having dinner later and then having a drink too. This can be a sign that you both probably loved each other’s company and didn’t feel like ending the date.

3. You laughed a lot

If you realized that the date flowed with ease and enjoyment and you couldn’t help but laugh out loud every now and then, it’s a great sign.

4. You were both very comfortable getting close to each other

When you get close to a new person you may feel uncomfortable or awkward but if that was not a situation with you during this date. Then it means you feel safe and comfortable with your partner and your date was best.

5. You both put the phones away

In today’s world, no person can live without a phone. We tend to keep on checking our phones now and then. But during the date you didn’t feel like touching the phone but just talking to the other person then this is the best indication of a perfect date.

6. You both contributed equally in the conversation

If one of the partners spent the whole time talking about himself and struggled to hear anything you had to say, then it might not be a very good first date. But if in your case it was different, if you both participated equally and both had the chance to talk about their lives and both listened to each other then it can be a good sign.

7 . You have things in common

Many times you may have heard that opposites attract. But it is crucial that you also have things in common. Having too many differences can imply that you two aren’t compatible. But if you two had common things then it is a sign that you got a perfect date.

8 . You talked about future plans

If there is ever a particular sign that your first date went well then it is discussing future plans together. If you both have talked about it then it means you both want to continue to meet each other.

9. Your partner made you feel comfortable

It is understandable to feel uncomfortable and slightly anxious on a first date. The first date is meant to be awkward but if your partner tried everything they could, just to make you comfortable then it is definitely an excellent date.

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