Falling in love is easy but staying in love forever is a challenge.

Here are 7 ways to stay in love forever.

1. Do things that makes them feel loved

If you want to stay in love forever, do the things for your partner that you did before when you first fell in love. Just like the beginning of your loving journey, continue to love in all languages of love.

2. Listen and value them

Listening is an important part of a relationship and it gets depressing if there is lack of communication. It is also essential to ask your partner how their day went and to let them know that they matter.

3. Forgive them

Being with someone is not always easy and at times partners tend to spew out thoughtless things or neglect you. You might do it too, so rather than holding a grudge, forgive them.

4. Flirt all you want

Flirting and romancing are important assets of a long-lasting relationship. Let them know how crazy you are about them.

5. Avoid criticism and defensiveness

Do not criticise each other or get defensive when they say something to you. Understand their perspective and move on.

6. Look up to the couples who have stayed in long relationship

There is a lot to learn from couples who have stayed together longer. They respect each other and feel the need to reconnect when disconnected.

7. Keep your relationship safe from external threats

Always protect your relationship from external threats and don’t doubt your relationship when you are apart for a longer time.

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