Men and women have different ways of displaying their affection towards each other. Here are 7 signs that will help women figure out that he truly loves you even without saying ‘I love you.’

1. He is not afraid to make sacrifices for you

A person can only make sacrifices for those who he truly cares or loves. If your man can make sacrifices for you and your happiness, then it’s his way of saying I love you without even uttering those words.

2. He is vulnerable with you

Men are always cautious about their behavior to not show their weaknesses to others. A man in love will let his guard down and be comfortable in expressing his true feelings.

3. He listens to everything you have to say

Women are believed to be better listeners than men and so when a man listens to you patiently and responds as well, it is clear signs that he deeply cares for you.

4. He admires your looks even on the worst days

A man in love will always think his woman is beautiful even if she is just wearing pajamas and sitting with messy hair.

5. He respects your family and friends

If a man deeply cares for you, then he is automatically going to show some respect to your friends and family. If he needs you, he has to treat your dear ones with care.

6. He is supportive enough

A man shows his love by encouraging you to lift yourself up when you are down. He believes in you and is proud of who you are.

7. He defends you in tough times

Dramas and controversies are part of family and friend circles. Many men prefer to stay away from it, however, if he defends you, it is a huge sign that he loves you.
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