Love has no boundaries; love has no gender, no caste. Whether to fall in love or not is not in your hand. You never know when and with whom you will fall in love. Strangers can fall in love with each other, and even two persons who have known each other for a long time can even fall in love. So if you get a little hint from your friend then there is no surprise. But sometimes you can’t know if the person is interested in you. But some of their signs show you that they are interested. There are some ways through which you can find out.

Here are the signs that prove he loves you beyond your friendship

1. They are extremely affectionate

Usually, it’s extra relaxation and games when you’re with your best friend. But if they have changed to being more romantic, polite, and affectionate towards you, then it’s a clue that they have fallen for you. Conveying love and affection is not something a friend would do and you can certainly make out the difference In your way.

2. You catch them always gazing at you

This is the most typical hint that someone is either falling in love with you or the person is already head over heels for you. If you see your best friend staring at you or you catch them looking at you, then there’s something going on in their hearts.

3. They reek of jealousy

Jealousy is a common feeling and can occur to anyone, regardless of what connection you are in. But if your friend is extremely jealous when somebody attempts to flirt or hit on you, then you can understand that he is falling for you.

4. They are not interested in anyone else

Friends usually communicate their love life, their hidden admirers, their recent crushes, and so on. Nonetheless, if your best friend is silent about it all and is only enthusiastic about talking about you, then yes, probably they’re crushing hard over you.

5. They prepare excuses to spend quality time with you

We can waste ample time with our friends and nothing will feel out of place. However, if your best friend is attempting hard and bringing about random excuses to spend some quality time with you alone, then they’re certainly onto something.

6. His Body Language Gives It Away

In addition to physical touch itself, people use specific body language signals when they love someone. This body language performs as clues a guy likes you. He might even seem shy or sweaty in your presence. His face may glow and blush every often.

7. He always is available to hang out with you

People with best friends do give time for each other, but you may learn that he declines everything for you and just you alone. This is a special way of treatment, and you can bet your best friend loves you more than just a friend.

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