Not sure whether the super cool guy you recently met is toying with your heart or not? Well, here are 7 signs that will help you recognise if a guy is toying with your heart.

1. Mood Swings

If the super cool guy you met is either overly moody or ecstatic and never seems to have a normal day with you. There will be times when he ignores you or gets angry with you and at times will just stick around you.

2. You Work As Per His Schedule

If he often cancels the plans together or gives you very little time then it is a clear sign that he is least interested in you. If you are doing things according to his time and schedule then he doesn’t consider you as his priority.

3. Least Interested in Your Life

He might ask you basic details of your life and later forget about it because he doesn’t deem you to be an important person in his life. He hesitates to hang out with your friend circle or family.

4. He Only Shows up When He Needs You

If a guy is around you only when he needs some favour from you, then it is a clear sign that he is toying with your emotions. A person who values you and your heart won’t ever do it.

5. He Dislikes Being Asked Questions

A true gentleman that appreciates you will grab an opportunity to open up to a girl. If that super cool guy is hesitant to answer the questions asked then it is a red flag for your heart.

6. Empty Promises

He will tell you anything and everything in order to get you to do things for him. He’ll promise you a date and might not even take the effort to show up.

7. Makes You Feel Insecure

He says things that make you question yourself and your self-worth. A true guy will always respect a girl and make her feel good about herself.

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