If you pay attention, there are several physical symptoms that your wife is cheating that serve as clear warnings. To find out whether your wife is cheating on you, look for these indicators of a cheating wife.

1. In bed, she uses a different name for you

Now and again, everyone makes a Freudian slip, but this is one you’ll want to be aware of. If your wife keeps calling you a different name in bed, it could imply she’s perhaps hoping you were someone or sleeping with someone else.

2. She no longer posts photos of you on her social media accounts

If your wife is aggressively removing any evidence of your relationship from her social media accounts, it could be an indication that she’s trying to appear available.

3. She begins to appear distant

Something about her now feels “off.” She is physically present, but her mind is always elsewhere. When you ask her whether anything is bothering her, she always says no. However, you can sense that something sinister is afoot. Her behaviour is unusual, and she may appear shifty or fidgety.

4. You begin to have a lot of fights

You begin to be nagged by your wife over trivial matters. It’s as if she’s seeking an opportunity to fight you. It’s possible she’s upset at you for something else, or she’s attempting to justify the affair.

5. She avoids making direct eye contact with you

When you and your wife are talking, she attempts to avoid making eye contact with you. Her shame is reflected in her eyes, and she doesn’t want you to see it. Try conversing with her while maintaining eye contact. Do you notice the remorse in her eyes? She wouldn’t look into your eyes during a conversation or chat with you much at the dinner table.

6. That’s what your gut is telling you

You realise deep down that your relationship has altered after so many years of marriage to your partner. You may believe that you are being an unduly suspicious and jealous husband. But you know deep down that you’re not being crazy.

Something bigger is at work, your gut tells you. Even if you don’t see symptoms of adultery, your intuition tells you you’re with a cheating wife. You just know it unconsciously. These indicators of a cheating wife will land you in a situation that you don’t want to be in.

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