The foundations of good sexual and reproductive health are responsible sexual practises and behaviours. The field of sexual health encompasses a vast range of topics, including pleasure, reproduction, gender identity, and so on. When it comes to sex, we think of pleasure rather than pain. Unhealthy sexual behaviours, on the other hand, can cause damage and make it a miserable experience. Sexually transmitted illnesses, reproductive tract infections, unfit pregnancy, sexual dysfunction, and injury are all possible outcomes of improper activities.

5 injuries that actually hurt during sex

1. Injuries and fissures in the vaginal area

A cut or tear near the entrance to a sensitive location like the vaginal canal can be incredibly painful. Though most vaginal injuries heal on their own, a serious injury might result in bleeding and long-term infection. If the bleeding persists or the pain does not go away on its own, see a gynaecologist.

2. Inflammation of the vaginal canal

The most frequent sex injury is a bruised vagina. The most common cause is a lack of lubrication. For an uncomfortable vaginal pain, doctors recommend taking over-the-counter pain relievers. A lukewarm bath, on the other hand, can be your answer if you’re looking for natural cures.

3. Fracture of the penile

This is a man’s worst fear, despite being a rare sex injury. Penile fracture, on the other hand, can occur if an erect penis is struck hard and the blood-filled chambers within it rupture. A penis fracture is a medical emergency. Soreness, bruising, oozing blood, intense agony, and so on are all signs of a penile fracture.

4. Injuries to the back

A pulled muscle can result from any intense action. During sexual intercourse, your thigh and calf muscles are the most prone to injury, but any portion of your body might be harmed.

5. A carpet burn

It can be entertaining to have sex on your carpet. However, it may cause you to have scratches all over your body or a burning sensation on your skin. Cleaning thoroughly with soap and water will help to heal it.

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