Although Virgo men are a tad bit suspicious about love and romance, they clearly understand the romantic gestures made towards them. The dedicated and hardworking Virgo men are reserved about their feelings because they are afraid of rejection. Hence, it can be a bit of a task if you are trying to date a Virgo man. That is why you need to be a bit gentle with him to make him feel comfortable.

Here are some ideas that’ll make a Virgo man fall in love with you.

1. Drop the acting card

Virgo men are always suspicious of all the emotions that are thrown their way and they do not act on it. If you try to get him to express himself and get upset or hold back your affection while doing so, he is mostly going to withdraw himself. So drop the act and be sincere.

2. Be open and unafraid

Trust is important for a Virgo man and he believes that you won’t hide your true feelings from him. If you have any confusion related to a relationship, be straightforward and ask him how he feels.

3. Don’t be negative or critical

Virgos are perfectionists and are often hard on themselves. Make him think about all the positive emotions that come along with you rather than be critical or negative which they already are on themselves.

4. Appreciate the things he does for you

Virgo men like to help and they feel the need to be there for their girlfriends or partners. Always be appreciative of their help and tell them you are always here if they need you.

5. Give space for silence and space

Once a Virgo man expresses his level of intimacy, he won’t ever doubt the bond. According to them, love is giving each other freedom and space. Therefore, he expects you to give him some privacy and space.

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