No one intends to ruin their relationship. The majority of us have the purest of intentions. We want it to be successful. We consider it, perhaps even obsess over it, we put our hearts and souls into it, and we invest ourselves. Because our intentions are good, it feels that we should have a good outcome but that isn’t always the case.

Women get away with their follies while blaming everything on men, failing to recognize that if they continue to be unreasonable, men will lose patience. To assist women in determining what they have been doing incorrectly,

Here are 4 major common mistakes women makes that makes men walk away:

1. Misinterpreting everything he says

In general, when it comes to love, women need reassurance. They expect their man to constantly tell them why and when they fell in love with them. As a result, women look for signals or indicators about their men’s affection in every word or statement they hear. Men don’t want to be with someone who constantly reads them.

2. Being constantly negative

Being around someone who constantly emits negative energy is not only exhausting, but also harmful. Men can only help their spouses to a certain extent, but being in a negative and depressing environment can dampen morale and make it harder for them to remain cheerful. As a result, men will prefer to spend less time with their female partners.

3. Obsessing over yourself

Many women struggle to hold a guy’s attention after a few dates because they become concentrated on accomplishing some form of relationship objective (such as becoming official) and figuring out how he feels. When you do this, you’re not connecting with him as a person; instead, you’re using him to make yourself feel better, which isn’t the path to a lasting relationship.

4. Making a commitment too soon

Yes, it can be difficult to keep your choices open when you find a guy who stands out from the crowd, but you can’t act like his girlfriend until you are his girlfriend. Why? Because no man will willingly deepen a level of dedication until compelled to do so.

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