Happiness is merely the ability to not want more, to be grateful for and satisfied in the present moment. In other words, your pleasure is contingent on your ability to live in the now rather than wishing for some future accomplishment. Appreciating what you have right now takes you right into the present moment. It allows you to experience what you have right now rather than wishing for a bigger place, a better relationship, or a good career.

Here are simple ways to embrace your happy self

1. This week, write a thank-you note to someone. If you can’t think of anything else to thank someone for, simply write them a note to express your gratitude for their presence in your life. Because they might spend that time with someone else, any time they spend with you is a gift.

2. Say one thing you’re grateful for each night before dinner. (If you pray, this can also be included in your prayers.)

3. For the next two minutes, do nothing. What do you think happens? Nada! Your job was not lost. Your family hasn’t abandoned you. You aren’t a loser. Nobody was judging you. Actually, the only thing that happened was that you understood that you can take time for yourself and enjoy your own company without having to consume anything.

4. Take a deep breath for 30 seconds. Breathing is the simplest method to create time for yourself and be thankful for your own presence. Close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in for three counts through your nose and out for five counts through your mouth. This should be repeated 5 times.

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