Men nowadays are constantly aspiring towards a groomed look not just to impress women but as a matter of self-care and cleanliness.

If you are going out on a date with your women, here are a few tips on grooming that can work towards impressing your date.

1. A Fresh Shower

Wanna impress your date? Then shower is a must. Shampooing is also important for your hair to smell good and to keep your mane from frizzing out.

Style your hair properly so as to make you more attractive to your date.

2. Well-trimmed Beard

Whether you want to shave it or just trim it, is up to you. Many guys look quite appealing with a well-groomed beard.

Before a date, all you need to do is tame that wild forest on your cheeks. You can try different beard styles days before your date but as it is near be more conservative in making changes.

3. Good Breath

Fresh and good breath is important to impress a girl. Brush and floss your teeth before going out on a date or else you’ll see the girl running down the hills!

For a better smelling breath, gargle with a mouthwash.

You can always carry mints or chewing gums.

4. Wear the Right Outfit

Good outfits tend to give a good impression on you and it is one of the best ways to impress your date. Try a date night outfit that adds up and defines your features well.

Try a variety of outfit combinations, for instance, pair up your jeans and t-shirt with a blazer.

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