Teeth whitening is a procedure where teeth whitening products like bleaching agents are used for you to get a brighter white smile. Should I whiten my teeth? Who doesn’t want a clean bright smile? But before going to your dentist to whiten your teeth let us understand its pros and cons.

Pros of teeth whitening

It improves your facial look making you more attractive. It is the main reason why people opt for teeth whitening. It cures all the discolorings in your teeth giving you a bright smile.

This procedure is quick and provides you with instant results. After completion of the procedure, you get the results within 2 hours.

This procedure is very cheap and can be performed by yourself at your home after dental consultation.

It is harmful for your teeth when done correctly.

Cons of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. It fades after some time. Consuming foods like tea, coffee and carbonated drinks makes the whitening effect fade away quickly. Smoking can also have a bad effect on your teeth.

This treatment when not done properly, under proper guidance can cause a lot of irritation and swelling in your mouth.

Teeth whitening reduces your tooth sensitivity. This can be a temporary problem. This is caused when you use too strong bleaching agents.

People having allergies should definitely avoid it. Frequent whitening of teeth can have a negative effect on tooth health.

This Procedure must strictly be performed by a dental professional.

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