What Is HRCI Certification?

HRCI certification is a credential awarded by the HR Certification Institute to HR professionals (HRCI). The HRCI offers a number of performance certifications for human resources professionals as well as people in non-HR roles who may benefit from knowing the basics of human resources.

HRCI certification demonstrates to existing and prospective employers that you are dedicated to professional excellence and having a good influence on your company.

The types of HRCI certifications are

HRCI has a specific exam for every stage of your HR career, from entry-level positions to senior-level positions, to match your skillset and experience. All examinations are created with subject matter that adheres to certification industry best practises and are administered in a timely manner. The following is a list of tests, organised by professional status:

1. PHR (Professional in Human Resources)

2. aPHR (Associate Professional in Human Resources)

3. SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) i

4. PHRi (Professional in Human Resources)

5. Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHRi) (International)

6. GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources)

The benefits of this role is

Certification basically informs businesses that you possess the skills and expertise they seek. In today’s job environment, possessing at least one human resources qualification can help you stand out from the crowd. As a result, certification may even assist you in negotiating a better compensation.

This certification is useful for the following jobs

1. Manager of Human Resources

2. Specialist in Labor Relations

3. Manager of Compensation and Benefits

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