Becoming a Data Scientist is an interesting route, but you cannot master data science in a year or six months—it is a lifelong method that demands adequate focus and hard effort. The skills described here are the first you must obtain in order to become a data scientist.

However, technical abilities aren’t the only factor to consider. In business, data scientists are generally tasked with explaining complicated ideas and making data-driven organisational decisions. As a result, being great communicators, leaders, and members of the team, as well as high-level analytical thinkers, is critical.

Here are the steps to help you in becoming a data scientist

1. Pick a computer language (Python or R)

The first stage in the Data Scientists Journey is to become acquainted with a computer language. Python is the more popular coding language, with the majority of Data Scientists using it.

2. Think about specialising

Data scientists might specialise in a certain industry or gain strong abilities in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, research, and database management. Specialization is a good method to boost your income potential while also doing work that you enjoy.

3. Cleaning of data

When a Data Scientist is assigned a project, he or she spends the majority of their time cleaning the data collection, deleting undesired values, and dealing with missing values. It can be accomplished by utilising Python libraries such as Pandas and Numpy. One should also be able to manipulate data in Microsoft Excel.

Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of Data Science, it’s time to put them into practise. There are numerous online platforms that may provide you with practical learning experience with data sets at both the basic and intermediate levels. They can assist you in comprehending machine learning algorithms, analysing strategies, and so forth.

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