Engineering is one of the professional fields where demand is increasing daily. The scope of engineering is expanding as new discoveries and technological advancements are made every day in almost every sphere of life. Numerous emerging fields offer opportunities for career development, ranging from biomedical engineering and environmental engineering to mechatronics and nanoengineering.
1.Engineering for Electronics and Communications.
Another engineering specialty that is in high demand is this one. Microprocessing, elementary electronics, digital and analog communications, microwave engineering, and other topics are all involved in this.
2.Mechanical Engineering
The oldest and one of the most diverse engineering disciplines is mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering, a discipline of engineering dealing with the design, production, installation, and use of engines and machines .
3.Electrical Engineering
Systems and devices that use electrical and electronic means are the focus of the electrical engineering specialization. Various electrical devices and equipment are designed, developed, and manufactured in this area of engineering.There is a strong career outlook for graduates with this specialization, which is also a popular specialization in India.
4.Civil Engineering
The built environment is designed, constructed, and supervised in the field of civil engineering. Although the field is primarily focused on the latter, this can also include the natural environment.A civil engineer is involved in the planning, creation, and building of numerous physical structures, including bridges, roads, buildings, railways, building structural components, dams, etc.

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