A pharmacologist is an individual who undertakes scientific research and examination of drugs, chemicals, and other substances to find out how they impact biological systems and to examine how they can be used safely.

1. To become a Pharmacologist you need certain educational Qualifications

The educational necessity for pharmacologists is B.Pharm. and M.Pharma. degree in pharmacology.

2. Certain Pharmacologist skills are required

A person should have skills like constructing experiments, analyzing and inferring data, and laboratory and staff management.

They must retain a logical and curious mind, written and oral communication skills, and proper ability to work as a team. They should also know medications, their sources, chemical properties, biological impacts, and therapeutic uses.

3. Steps to become a pharmacologist

For becoming a pharmacologist, one must possess a B.Pharm. and M.Pharm degree in a related scientific field like Pharmacology, Biology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biomedical / biochemical Sciences, and chemistry.

Step 1

An Interested candidate has to give an entrance test provided by the several state and Independent bodies. Once you have passed the test you need to go for B.pharma.

Step 2

Once you have finished B.Pharma. or four and half years of (MBBS) Degree course, one has to go for specialization, which means, one has to go for either M.Pharma. or MD in the specific field.

For enlisting two years of M.Pharma. or MD course one has to pass an entrance examination conducted by some Medical Institutes.

Step 3

After obtaining M.Pharma. or MD degree, one can either go for certain research work in a suitable field or State-run hospitals.

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