If your career is just getting initiated, you might not feel very confident going into a job interview. You might not know what to anticipate from the interview process as a whole, and you might be concerned that your lack of job experience would hurt your chances or make it more difficult for you to respond to inquiries.

Doing some preparation prior to any job interview is the greatest thing you can do. No matter how much or little employment experience you have, use these tactics to ace your interview.

1. Be Prepared

What is your background? is one question you should be ready to answer. What kind of position are you seeking? What are your advantages and disadvantages?

Along with practicing responses to some often asked interview questions, you should practice some follow-up inquiries.

2. Do Extra Prep Work for a Video Interview

Make additional preparations if your job interview will be conducted via Zoom to make sure you are camera-ready before the interview.

3. Do Your Homework

Doing some research on the business you are interviewing with is another approach to getting ready.

4. Know That It’s OK To Not Have an Answer

You can be asked a question in your interview that you don’t know the answer to. Rather than making something up if you just don’t have a response to a question, say so.

5. Practice Good Manners

In an interview, being polite can really help.
Don’t even consider arriving late for an interview. No matter who you are speaking to, always be courteous and considerate.

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