Delivering your presentation effectively and confidently makes you express yourself adequately. People would be lying if they said, they don’t feel the pressure or people aren’t nervous about the presentation at all. If you are a student or just graduated, it is common that you lack presenting skills. If you are not confident during the presentation, however good your idea or view is, you won’t be able to express it properly.

  • Greeting – Make sure you greet the employer or professors decorously. Maintain a firm handshake. Address the people with right names and designation. Balance your facial expressions. Don’t smile too much or keep a serious face throughout the presentation.
  • Eye contact – Making definite eye contact with the people you are presenting is crucial. It makes them understand effectively and they keep focusing on you. It also shows how thoroughly you have prepared yourself.
  • Sound effective – Filter your presentation from filler words ‘like, ahh, umm, like or you know’. Work on your language skills and deliver every word loudly enough for everyone to listen correctly. Using a soft pale voice will make you sound anything but confident.
  • Maintain proper speed – Don’t be in a rush to finish the presentation. Allow everyone to grasp everything you have prepared; every word must be comprehensible. But again, don’t be too slow, do not repeat a single point over and over again. You want people to understand but not treat them as dumb.
  • Answer questions – You can be as perfect as a diamond, but still, there might be people who hold doubts. Give them a chance to ask questions and be prepared to answer them constructively.

Follow these points and you can pass any level of delivering a presentation. Practice well at home before the real event. Believe yourself and the hard work you did to prepare for any presentation. Don’t let a simple presentation hold you back!!