In today’s competitive market competition is everywhere. Competition starts even in the family and it extends to workplace, school or college, in politics, as well as among states and countries. You can’t avoid competing but it should be healthy. Healthy competition can motivate force. You need to find a balance. Only competitive desire to succeed and win isn’t good.

What do you need to do if there’s no healthy competition? Unhealthy competition is common in a rapid workplace environment. What can be done to avoid healthy competition? Here we look at few tips to avoid unhealthy competitions.

Unhealthy competition in an organization may lead to conflict and lack of performance. Especially in an organization following three things can be implemented.

1) Set teaming mindset behavior

Leaders can demonstrate curiosity and show interest in those they work with. They should plan accordingly to create healthy competition. For that, they can ask questions and respond thoughtfully. This behavior is good for all employees and encourages all members to value each other and unhealthy competition can be avoided.

2) Place a value on team performance rather than individuals and reward

A little competition is not bad but team performance needs to be taken into consideration. Rewarding individual performance is not always good and it may lead to misunderstanding, as the performance of an individual means failure of other members. They may channel their competitive energy into different organizations.

3) Frame the challenges as something need of skills

Help each employee see the unique talents, knowledge, and expertise that each one brings. Show your team how success can be achieved. Tell them that success is not an individual effort but it’s a collective effort. Though all are working independently ultimately it’s a success of a team. This will help for avoiding unhealthy competition.