Happiness is the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well being of human beings. Everyone is trying their level best to remain happy throughout their life. Through many ways, we try to achieve this happiness. Among them, gratitude is considered to be at the top, which can make you happy. You need to be grateful for your happiness. Here we look at why?

Throughout life, we are having many good things like good friends, good family, talent, art, good nature, etc. But one thing most of the time missing, which is gratitude. We need to thank god, parents, or friends, or life partner for the good things you get through them. This will surely give you happiness.

Gratitude is the emotion we feel when something good happening around you and you appreciate that. To be grateful more often for the same things is also good. For example, some people feel happy and grateful for sunlight, moonlight, all nature’s beauty, beautiful beaches, beautiful birds singing, etc. We can say this habit of showing gratitude on a continuous basis will lead you to happiness.

We should appreciate each day that you are alive. Every meal you should appreciate your mother or whosoever cooked food for you. When you show gratitude for small things happening in life, you can enjoy every moment.

Even researchers have shown that teenagers and adults who feel grateful are happier, get better grades in school, and have better friendships. Not only that they get good sleep, have more energy, and having few illnesses and pain.

Both positive and negative emotions are part and parcel of our life, but it is possible to increase our happiness. One best way is to pay attention to the good things happening around you throughout your life and be grateful for it always and make habit of it and surely no one can stop you from your own happiness.

You can make a practice of gratitude by writing down all small things and do this practice for a few days. It will surely make you a more positive person than ever before, as gratitude leads to positive thoughts and helps you to convert negative and neutral thoughts to positive ones.