Working from home?

‌2020, the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, it had an adverse effect on the working partners of every individual. Many people have lost their jobs and many people had to make their home an office. Working from home has a lot of benefits, it saves your time, no commute, and gives you more flexibility at work. While you are working from home it’s very important to design a designated area for work. It’s can be a small space or just a work desk but should be well organized and set up in the most efficient way.

So here are few tips to create a good space for your home office

  • Take help from Pinterest ideas

Pinterest has various ideas catering to home offices and they have various sets of ideas related to home offices and for setting up an organized office that can help you work efficiently from home. follow the ideas and try to implement in your office design

  • Follow official ergonomic rules

You have to follow ergonomic rules and plan your furniture according to it. According to your comfort, you got to choose the furniture. You have to look for chairs in which you will feel the most comfort considering the weight and height and dimensions of you.

  • Use natural lighting

Try to use natural lighting in your home office. Maybe wider windows and use it for the day purpose. Instead of closed artificially lit offices, it is preferred to have natural lighting to your office, it helps you enjoy the outside view as well as have fresh air and light supply throughout the day.

  • Have proper lighting

Though you are including the natural light. You got to have proper provision for after sunset time. Have proper lights places in various needed places, lamps on the tables, and overhead.

  • Have an organized storage space

You should organize your work properly. You can have different compartments for different materials, try to buy furniture according to your storage needs. Do not mess up the place as this might hamper your productivity

  • Add some greens

Add some planters in your office near your table or near the windows. This will help you create a positive environment for yourself, an office-friendly environment at home itself. And create a sense of work environment for you. You might add hang-on planters, or money plant or small potted plants.

  • Stock the essentials around you

Try to stock your daily work essential, near your table, around you. That includes things like water, pen, pencil, notepad, charger, some nuts for munching, and any other things that you really feel come under your everyday work essential keep in drawers near you that might help you keep everything organized and in place.