Career planning is a special activity that takes place in a person’s functional life.

What you do professionally depends largely on who you are. This may seem obvious, but many overlook this important aspect of career choices. By consciously striving to evaluate yourself, you can avoid joining the ranks of people who are dissatisfied with your work. There is no sure way to know if your career will meet all your needs, but there are some things you can do now to learn more about yourself. You can use the self-assessment technique as many times as you like once you have mastered it. What is self-assessment? It’s essentially a way to improve self-awareness. You can clearly and effectively express your characteristics in relation to what you are good at (skills), what you value (values), and what you enjoy (interests).

A better source for understanding yourself is better than yourself, so the easiest way to improve your self-esteem is to review and analyze your past and present experiences with a career counselor. A better understanding of your talents, values, and interests will help you determine the type of work that is most suitable for you. Abilities are general talents/strengths or special knowledge/skills acquired through training. Your skills, on the other hand, are made up of various attributes and personality traits that give you maximum power. Not only will you understand the subject area of your major, but you will also be able to earn a bachelor’s degree. There is also a need to develop and improve transferable skills in areas other than bachelor’s degrees. You will be the best analyst in your abilities by carefully reading your own experience. Look at the skills that led to your success, and you will definitely find some areas where you are good. Your skills will help you choose a career. Please see each job information. A job is a set of “duties” that the person in that position is responsible for. In fact, the vast majority of careers are categorized in terms of obligations. A closer look at each of these jobs reveals that each requires a specific skill set. The action verb handout contains a partial list of talents.

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