Wisdom Without Tears by Jennifer Prisons

Wisdom Without Tears is a book full of valuable illustrations for kids and adolescents. People are knowledgeable, but they can be clumsy. Insight is the use of knowledge, which is an unusual quality. Wisdom Without Tears includes a short story that helps two children and a teenager.

A Life Half Lived by Darryl Rodgers

20-year-old Speedy Chase Rogers seemed to have it all. His family definitely thanked him. His generosity and his talent for what is really interesting made him famous among his peers. His speed, skill, and seriousness made him an impressive phenomenon on the football pitch. The young man was fascinated by his handsome traits, and gentle charm.

The Overachievers – The Secret Lives of Driven Kids digital book by Alexandra Robbins

The top author of Pledged is back with a striking look at the struggle to achieve looks from teens in the United States. At Pledged, Alexandra Robbins followed four young school girls and provided a compelling account that read like fiction. Robbins is now using an equally compelling style at Overachievers to explore how our high-stakes education culture is desolate.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Preteens Talk by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Amy Newmark

Heart Chicken Soup: Preteens Talk, 101 episodes of Heart Chicken Soup to support young people.Being a teen is harder than it looks. School is very difficult, the body changes, young men and young women notice each other, their relationships with parents are unique, and new problems arise with their peers.

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