It’s all about sticking out when it comes to writing your CV. Sure, you have the necessary experience and skills for the position, but so do a lot of other candidates. How can you make it clear that you’re the best candidate for the job? One approach to do this is to include accolades on your resume. Awards are formal acknowledgements of your efforts and achievements. You can earn awards from your employer, your school, a group that reviews or regulates the industry you work in, or even a city, state, or country.

Including relevant accolades on your resume can help you stand out to future employers by solidifying and highlighting your outcomes [and] accomplishments. Awards can also assist you to demonstrate that you possess some of the main credentials or characteristics required for a certain position, such as excellent leadership abilities or dependability.

Following types of awards can be added to your resume

Educational Awards

These are academic awards that recognize your accomplishments. These accolades might speak to your soft skills as well as your mastery of the disciplines you studied. GPA-based honours, for example, indicate to individuals reviewing your CV that you are dedicated, have good time management skills, and are goal-oriented.

Company Awards

Company Awards from your present or previous job demonstrate that you not only possess the talents listed on your CV but that you also excelled in their application. There will be separate awards for each company.

Industry Awards

These awards demonstrate that you are being recognized for your achievements outside of your organization. You may earn these honours as part of a team or corporation, but they can still be listed on your CV provided you specify your unique position!

Other Award Categories

If you’re an entry-level candidate, these prizes are very beneficial. However, if they’re relevant to the job you desire or demonstrate a critical transferrable ability, you can add them to your resume later. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, you may include the fact that you won a competitive art contest. If you’re looking for your first management position, that award you received for arranging volunteer events may be worth mentioning.

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